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Rainbow Odyssey : La rédemption

Musical composition

Independent production (unpublished)

Delirium of a Y, somewhere between the symphonic poem and the trailer for a B-movie; sort of missing link between YouTube, Willie Wonka, Kenneth Copeland (a famous American televangelist), Hollywood cinema and a baroque fresco by Il Correggio.

Sound design, sampling and music join forces in Rainbow odyssey to create an unsuspected sonic magma.


Improbable and supernatural alloys that take us across rainbows aboard fantastic wagons, before plunging us into the depths of hell in order to fight the vilest demons.


Take it for granted: no dramatic effects or prestidigitation are spared.

The result is a psychedelic journey, an epic odyssey where the boundaries between pleasure and pain, good and evil, light and darkness, heaven and hell blur.

Before you start listening, don't forget to fasten your seat belt and locate the nearest emergency exits. Above all, it is important to maintain full confidence in the captain's conduct, even if it will be tempting to lose hope.

May my sins be forgiven, may light shine in the darkness! Praise the Lord! Amen!

Rainbow Odyssey: Redemption was the winner of the Prix Art Sonore at the Phonurgia Awards 2022 held in Paris.

« What is quite fascinating is how Louis-Olivier manages to rework fairly common materials which are part of our daily sound environment, into a musical work which is quite prodigious. It made me think of a certain Zappa. I was quite convinced by this work»

-Bastien Gallet, Phonurgia Nova

« I have the impression that Louis-Olivier is enjoying himself extremely, and you can feel it. There is an incredible irony, he exhausts us with so many twists and turns. With this positive thinking used excessively, the figure of the rainbow is magnificent. There is a release, it did me a lot of good to hear a work like this. He disarms us... I saw unicorns»

-Anne Gillot, Radio Télévision Suisse

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