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PAX @ Habitat sonore, Centre PHI 

Listening experience, 2023

Independent production, in collaboration with Paysages and PHI Centre

Paysages presents PAX, an invitation to celebrate listening, meditation and contemplation away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Sound artist Louis-Olivier Desmarais creates an immersive experience born from his stays spent in the silent atmosphere of a Benedictine abbey.

PAX is an invitation to enter into ourselves by listening to what surrounds us.

Habitat sonore,  an immersive room located at the PHI Center in Montreal, welcomes PAX in sound version in its winter 2023 programming.

For the occasion, the sound work was remixed to measure for the listening room. It has also been revised and enhanced with an introduction explaining the foundations of the creative process.


Louis-Olivier Desmarais :  Original idea, musical composition, narration, editing, mixing and spatialization.

Daniel Boisclair et Charles Montembault : Recording of narration, advice on screenwriting and narration.

Maude Petel-Légaré-Légaré : Advice on screenwriting and narration.

Gabrielle GodboutVisual identity

À la une, ICI Première, 15-02-23
00:00 / 02:40

Mention of PAX and d'Habitat Sonore  on the air of ICI Première, February 15 2023.

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