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Les mosaïcultures animées of the New Brunswick Botanical Garden

Edmunston, 2021

Production : Troublemakers

Role : Conception sonore

Following the success of the Mosaicultures exhibition at the New Brunswick Botanical Garden, Troublemakers presents an innovative interactive experience through these mosaiccultures: motion sensors were installed on four organic sculptures to bring the garden's characters and animals to life sonorously: as visitors pass by, a bison bellows, blows, “moves” making its hooves resonate on the ground, a peacock begins to sing, a gardener whistles a melodic tune, addresses the visitor, and waters its plants, or even a turtle vibrates and “moves”.


Photo : Manu Alberola


Photo : Manu Alberola


Photo : Manu Alberola

Sound & Music credits


Creation direction : Manu Alberola

Artistic direction : Marie-Claire Lagacé

Sound design : Louis-Olivier Desmarais

Manufacturing, programming & installation : Patrice Langlois + Nicolas Michel

Audio system design : Jean-Michel Caron

Narration : Serge Parent

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