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Manuel pour changer le monde, saison 1

Podcast, 2018

Production : Magnéto for the École d'innovation sociale Élisabeth-Bruyère

Role : Music, editing, mix

Practical manual for people who want to change the world. We ask simple questions and we will meet people who have found concrete answers.

We always say that there is no manual for changing the world, what if we wrote one with those who transform it on a daily basis?

A podcast from the École d'innovation sociale Élisabeth-Bruyère at Saint-Paul University and Magnéto.



Interviews :  Jonathan Durand-Folco

Music & sound design : Louis-Olivier Desmarais

Editing : Simon Tremblay-Pepin et Jonathan Durand-Folco

Mix : Louis-Olivier Desmarais

Host : Simon Tremblay-Pepin

Production : Zoé Gagnon-Paquin

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