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Jardin Céleste

Mont-Tremblant, 2021

Production : Lucion

Role : Music & sound design

For : Troublemakers

There is a world somewhere above the clouds that you don't know exists. It is home to a wonderful little village where amazing and friendly creatures live. Through the most curious of phenomena, this world landed last night at the Mont-Tremblant Public Space. Jardin Céleste reveals all its splendor when it lights up at dusk.

Mandated by the City of Mont-Tremblant, the Celestial Garden exhibition, a moonGARDEN composed of 5 spheres, was deployed in downtown Mont-Tremblant, in order to inaugurate a new public space.

00:00 / 03:49

Photo : Lucion


Photo : Lucion


Photo : Lucion

Sound & Music credits


Creative direction : Manu Alberola

Music & sound design : Louis-Olivier Desmarais


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