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Hard Rock Seminole Hotel

Video mapping show
Florida, 2019


Production : Float 4

Role : Music & sound design

For : Troublemakers

The grand opening of the Guitar Hotel located in Hollywood, Florida is a one-night mapping show produced by Float4.


The Hard Rock group being closely linked to pop and rock music, the client's approach was to build the visual signature of the show by sticking it to the soundtrack composed of a succession of musical hits from the last 40 years. Such a creative choice requires paying particular attention to audio editing, in order to create a dynamic, exciting and coherent musical curve despite all the changes in styles, tempos and tones imposed by the choice of pieces.

Sound & Music credits


Musical direction : Manu Alberola

Music  : Louis-Olivier Desmarais

Sound design : Louis-Olivier Desmarais & Manu Alberola

Editing: Manu Alberola

Mix : Fred Bouchard

Audio producer: Manu Alberola

Executive audio producer : Jean-Sébastien Giard

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