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L'Esprit du lieu

Contemplative video work, 2022

Production : Paysages & Le Monastère des Augustines

Role : Original music and participation in the capture

By listening, the Paysages team simply let themselves be seized by the deep serenity reverberated by the walls of the old cloister. From the seventeenth century foundations to the modern glass walls, a special light shines through this residence. Something that the gaze, when resting gently, feels more than it sees.

L'Esprit du lieu is an experience of contemplation and the beginning of an encounter, that of a grandiose and radiant presence.


Photo : Paysages


Photo : Paysages


Photo : Paysages


Photo : Paysages



Creative direction, production and editing: Daniel Boisclair & Charles Montambault

Direction of photography : Raphaël Thibodeau

Music : Louis-Olivier Desmarais

Graphic design and illustrations : Gabrielle Godbout

Writing : Robert Cécile

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