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Podcast, 2019

Production : Magnéto for Place des arts

Role : Music, recording & mix

Sitting on the floor, two women share a traditional Inuit meal in a small Montreal apartment.

Daisy Savard, originally from Nunavik, cooked seal, caribou and beluga for her friend Karine Gibouleau, a visual artist she met during the creation of the Arnait exhibition, presented in fall 2018 at the Place des Arts. During the meal, a door opens onto the intimate memories of Daisy and Karine, which resonate despite contrasting life trajectories. The shared feast is an opportunity to talk about their friendship, and the place that food occupies in identity, culture and survival.

CRUE  is a sound documentary inspired by the exhibition Arnait by Karine Gibouleau, presented at Place des Arts in the fall of 2018. The production of Magnéto brings us to life in sound one of the flagship works of the exhibition, called Country Food Diner in Verdun, in which a group of women share a meat meal sitting on the floor, as is the tradition in the North. The meal is an opportunity to address the role food plays in identity, culture and survival.



Direction : Alexandra Viau

Music : Louis-Olivier Desmarais

Sound : Louis-Olivier Desmarais

Mix : Louis-Olivier Desmarais

Narration : Thomas Hellman

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