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Art Public Montréal en balado

Podcast sound walk, 2020 & 2021

Production : Magnéto et Art Public Montréal

Role : Music, editing, recording & mix

Dans les rues de Verdun

Located in the southwest part of the island of Montreal, the Verdun borough offers a quality of life based on the mobilization of its community. Thanks to this tour, discover the works of public art that punctuate the path that separates the Lasalle metro station from the Église metro station. You will be able to enjoy the typical neighborhood life of the borough and the charming local shops located along Promenade Wellington. Also discover two works of public art located in front of Quai 5160 – Maison de la culture de Verdun as well as the famous Verdun auditorium.



Direction  :  Séléna Théret & Louis-Olivier Desmarais

Music & sound design : Louis-Olivier Desmarais

Editing : Louis-Olivier Desmarais

Mix : Louis-Olivier Desmarais

Recording : Louis-Olivier Desmarais

Narration : Philippe Robert

Production : Alexandra Viau

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